You will find here the various occasions in which Juusan and our convention, Destination Tokyo, were mentioned in the Swiss media (all in french, sorry about that) :

Nouvelliste du 22 octobre 2018, still about De-To V

Matin Dimanche du 21 octobre 2018

Nouvelliste du 18 octobre 2018 about De-To V

- Canal9 issue October 29, 2017 about De-To 4.

- Articles from the Nouvelliste on October 26 and October 30, 2017 before and after the 4th edition of the convention.

- RTS news flash on October 26, 2017 about De-To4.

- Interview on RhôneFM of October 25, 2017 concerning De-To4.

- Intervention on De-To 4 on the show YATTA !! of Color October 18, 2017 by the president, the vice-president and the treasurer of the association. MP3 to listen HERE and see the video HERE (excerpt).

- Article in the 20 minutes of October 22, 2015 concerning De-To 3, another announcing the convention in the Nouvelliste of October 23 and finally a second article in the Nouvelliste of October 27 after it.

- An interview of our president at the SFS 2014 by the radio "Frequence Banane" (October 12, 2014)

- Two articles of the 20 minutes HERE and HERE to talk about the 2nd De-To.

- Radio broadcasts Hey Listen! about De-To2: HLRADIO.

- Small article in the Nouvelliste of February 5, 2012 which indicates that the City of Sion has awarded us the youth incentive prize for 2012.

- Article in the Nouvelliste of October 19, 2012 on our convention Destination Tokyo (De-To) in La Matze in Sion and report at the RTS on the same subject.