Do you want to participate in Destination Tokyo V? In this case, you can now send us your application by  completing this registration form.

The number of places being limited, we may have to make a selection. The Juusan No Hoshi association will then contact you via the e-mail address indicated for the rest of the organization.

Please fill in at least all the fields marked with a star!


Stand size:

Commercial A: 4 tables of 70x60

Commercial B: 8 tables of 70x60

Commercial C: 15 tables of 70x60

Associations and fanzines: 3 tables of 70x60

Booth for food: 8m2 (placed in special area on the ground floor)


Possibility to reserve additional tables (please indicate in the notes).

Participation in the Destination Tokyo Convention is subject to unconditional and unconditional acceptance and compliance with its regulations.

The exhibitor confirms that all information given is accurate. In case of false information, registration may be refused.

The Organizing Committee of the Destination Tokyo Convention reserves the right to refuse the registration of an exhibitor whose activities could be detrimental to him. Exhibitors are informed that any visible content on their stand must be "all public".

Attention: limited places! The stand is formally reserved only upon receipt of the total payment corresponding to the rental thereof.

Thank you for your collaboration !

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