The goal of Wa Rei Ryu Switzerland is to promote the martial discipline of Kenjutsu and Batto-jutsu. This follows the course of the Bushido, ancient code of conduct of the Samurai, and Zen philosophy. They will offer demonstrations and it will be possible for visitors to try Kenjutsu.

IsArt en peinture sur divers supports,pyrogravure NicoDio en réalisation de dioramas.

 isart   nicodio

Draconic and fantastic jewelry creations and costumes in aluminum scales. It will be possible to discover them, to manipulate them, even to see us work.


Creation of websites showcase and graphic design (Business cards, flyers, tarpaulins, ect ...) + 3D creation


We are a company specialized in the sale of products from Japan, such as clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

→ Rue de Lausanne 7, 1700 Fribourg


Fluffy Tori is a Lolita brand founded in 2016, based in Switzerland and Germany. We create outfits according to our own designs and each product is tailor-made.


Patissiers and bakers training, we are a family business and are from all events for many years.


Notre épicerie familiale propose un très large éventail d’articles importés directement d’Asie et à petit prix ! Sur notre stand, nous en mettrons en avant une sélection.

→ Avenue de la Gare 46, 1920 Martigny


The Cuckoo Sushis caterer is ready to satisfy your food cravings! He will propose you different trays of sushi and crudités.


Envie d'aventure ? Alors sortez votre boussole et retrouvez ces trésors qui rendraient jaloux Jack Sparrow, Edward Kenway et tous les autres forbans qui ont sillonné les mers !


Boutique specialized in the sale of manga and products related to japanimation. There are also goodies, DVDs of Asian cinema, video games, katanas ...


A boutique specialized in board games whose mission is to highlight the extraordinary richness of the world of play for more than 20 years.


Created in late 2014 by a Swiss-Japanese couple, you will discover a world of surprises, beauty, innovation and quality from the infinite creativity of the Japanese.

air japon

La Bulle is a bookstore specialized in comics and second-hand books hosting and collaborating with an independent screen printing workshop.


Concerts, yes, but not only! The Cross Dreams Festival aims to bring together all the pop culture under one roof for a day.