Here are the points to respect to participate in the cosplay contests of De-To V. It applies as well to the solo contest as to the contest in group.



  • Destination Tokyo runs two regional cosplay contests. Saturday 20th October will host a Solo competition, and Sunday 21st October will host a group competition.
  • The contest takes place in the Harajuku aula (A.R.N) hosted by the organisation team of Destination Tokyo.
  • The contest will take part in two sections: Predjudging, which includes the scoring of the costume and the performance, which includes the scoring of the performance on stage for each contestant.
  • The contestant will be able to do a rehearsal in the morning of their contest day, so that they can familiarise themself with the stage and take note of where to position their accessories/props.
  • The solo contest is split in two categories : Challengers and Veterans. Cosplayers will be classed in one of the categories depending on their level of skills and will then leave a chance for beginners to be considered. Cosplayers will then be led to one or the other categories based on their skills and history. This means there will be two podiums in one contest only.
  • The contestant has to fill at least one condition (see point 4 and 5) to be led to a category.



  • Anime and manga
  • Video Games
  • Comics
  • TV Series / Movies
  • Others (to be confirmed with staff)



  • Registration forms will open on Saturday 1st of September 10 AM to Saturday 6th of October 6 PM. All forms sent before or after set dates will not be considered.
  • It will not be possible to register on site as staff needs time to prepare the contests.
  • The registrations are organized on a first come first served basis, if all relevant files are attached to it. In case of a great number of participations, registrations will be judged individually.
  • Contestants can only take part in one contest per day.
  • The contest is open for 14 age plus, contestants below this age will have to be accompanied by an adult.
  • At least 80% of the costume has to be hand made.



  • Beginner cosplayer
  • First stage performance
  • Younger than 14
  • Has not been on a podium of another convention more than 3 times
  • No selections for an International or European contest


5) CATEGORY VETERANS (conditions)

  • Advanced cosplayer
  • Experience in stage performance
  • Has been cosplaying for more than 5 years
  • Has been on another convention’s podium more than 3 times
  • Has been selected for an International or European contest



  • The registration form must contain all documents listed below so that it can be validated by the staff. The content must be provided on a Dropbox file.
  • Pictures of the work in progress (costume, accessories…)
  • One or more pictures of the character, one head to toe shot so that the judges can evaluate the resemblance.
  • An audio of the performance (1m30 max for the solo contest and 2m30 max for the group contest) in MP3, OGG or WAV format. For the first time, videos are allowed in MP4 or AVI format (1920x1080 HD).
  • For groups, please file the registration separating each character in a different folder.
  • In case of an incomplete registration, for whatever reason, or the Dropbox file is corrupted, the contestant will receive an e-mail. If the contestant doesnt reply in the next 5 days following said e-mail, the registration will be cancelled.
  • The organizer is allowed to decline an incomplete registration, or one that is not in a right format. Naturally, all racist, vulgar and/or offensive files will not be accepted.
  • In case of problems with the audio, please bring an USB stick with all the files. The staff declines all responsibility for corrupted files.



  • Once your registration form has been sent, it will take the organization 7 days to work on it. If all the right files are provided or a file is missing, the staff will contact the contestant by e-mail, until reply, they will be put in the waiting list. Confirmation for the contestant will be sent at least 10 days before the contest day, this e-mail will contain all information about what to do on that day.
  • Contestants will be picked on a limited number basis, there can be no more than 3 per series (for example, there cannot be 3 My Hero Academia cosplayers in the shows)
  • Each contestant will be asked to present themselves at the VIP entrance next to the teacher ‘s parking. They will be welcomed by a staff member who will then lead them to the locker rooms. Please, take with you any sort of ID.
  • Contestants will be gifted the day’s entrance ticket for the day of their stage performance.
  • If the contestants have not announced themselves before the deadline, or without having informed the staff of the reason for their delay, their registration will be cancelled.



  • Contestants are awaited for their announcement from 8AM to 9h30AM at the latest, their runner number will then be given to them in the locker rooms.
  • Contestants will be led to their locker rooms at the time of their arrival, it will then be necessary to be fully changed into their costumes, to be able to attend the prejudging, starting at 10h30 AM.
  • There will be time for rehearsals in the morning, this will give contestants the chance to test lights, audio and other details so everything is in order.
  • Once contestants have finished the prejudging, and the rehersal, they are then free for approximately two hours before being asked to come back to the backstage.
  • Results will be given at a set time indicated on the convention leaflet.



  • The prejudging will take place before the performance, the judges will then have the chance to evaluate the costumes up close and ask for any clarification on its construction.

Performances times:

  • Saturday: 10h30 AM to 12h00
  • Sunday: 10h30 AM to 12h00
  • Contestants will start with their rehearsal and will then attend the prejudging based on their runner’s numbers.



  • The scores will be given on a 50% costume and 50% performance basis and the below will be taken into consideration
  • Difficulty of the costume chosen
  • Choice of materials and fabrics
  • Explanation of its construction and the costume detailing
  • Similarity between the contestant and the character
  • Originality of the performance
  • Understanding of the skit
  • Stage presence



  • Here are the awards for both contests:
  • Solo Contest:
  • 1st place / 2ndplace /3rd place Challenger
  • 1st place / 2nd place /3rd place Veteran
  • Audience Award / Special Judges Awards
  • Group Contest:
  • 1st place / 2nd place /3rdplace Group
  • Audience Award / Special Judges Awards



  • Dangerous objects ; sharp knives, guns, flammable objects
  • All staining products, all objects that can damage the stage such as : flour, confetti, fake blood, glitters, funsnaps, firecrackers…
  • Bought costumes : costumes are to be hand made. Helping hand is authorized as long as it is stated. Contests are made for an artistic purpose, store costumes do not belong, at least 80% of the costume is to be hand made.
  • No dangerous performances or acrobatics, unless professionally trained. The stage is not equipped for this special requirement.



  • By taking part in this contest the contestant allows the organizers to use their image for advertising purposes, and, they authorize Destination Tokyo to use the images for future media without compensation.


Contestants not respecting these rules or found  guilty of bad behaviour will be disqualified.


Thank you all and please enjoy!


If you have any questions, please write to cosplay [DOT] deto [AT] juusan [DOT] ch (just click on the link to send an e-mail!).


Juusan no Hoshi, organizer of Destination Tokyo