This is the registration form for the group cosplay contest that will take place in Sion on Sunday 21st October during De-To V. Please fill it in completely if you wish to participate in a group (for solo participation, this is the form to be completed).

Please use a service such as Dropbox to send us, WIPs, music and pictures. The corresponding link must be provided below. You can also send your questions by e-mail to this address: cosplay [DOT] deto [AT] juusan [DOT] ch. Do not forget to indicate your name and surname!

Just click on the address to send the e-mail ...

Useful information

Contact details of the group leader:

Infos on the cosplay


By registering, you agree to the contest rules.

Remember to update your dropbox with pictures of the progress of your cosplays (costumes and accessories), reference images of your characters and your soundtrack! !

Thank you for your participation and good luck.

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