Have you always dreamed of becoming the next big star of the song? Do you have groove? Of style ? Join without delay DETOVISION to show the world your talent! (registration on the spot on Saturday and Sunday morning until 11am)

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Les Orcs Reluisants, game association of Martigny and val de Bagnes, invites you to discover and participate in role-playing games. Join them to explore a post-apocalyptic Japan, have yourself hired by a Johnson for a mission on the edge of legality and experience an adventure in a medieval-fantasy Japan.


Discover the exciting world of Cloud Computing and Cloud Gaming with Ten from WebSpell Group / Nintend'Oz


Shiatsu involves stimulating the circulation of internal energy (Ki) in the meridians of the recipient's body and releasing stagnation when there is one. When the energy flows well, organs and different parts of the body can do their job properly, allowing the recipient to regain their internal balance. Kilian Forclaz introduces you to this practice.


Poké'mon IRL is a French-speaking Swiss association of video game enthusiasts whose goal is to rebuild the world of a Pokémon game within our convention. With your Nintendo 3DS and your game Sun, Moon, Ultra-Sun or Ultra-Moon, you can go on an adventure!

Pokemon IRL

The Tale of Genji is a beautiful romance that plunges us into Japan from the Heian period, in the heart of the intrigues at the imperial court. It is also the oldest known novel in our history: it was written in the 11th century! Christine Escurriola will make you discover it.

genjiMurasaki Shikibu, Le Dit du Genji (Wakamurasaki), Tosa Mitsuoki (1617-1691), Burke Albums

Kyusho is the art of using the sensitive points of the human body, whether to heal or to defend oneself. It can be approached as a martial art or therapy in itself or as an adjunct to these. Kilian Forclaz will present you its different facets.


The Koinobori, meaning "carp banner" in Japanese, are koi-shaped windsocks hoisted in Japan to celebrate Tango no sekku, a traditional event that is now a national holiday, the Kodomo no hi (children's day). Michelle Winteregg and Julia Saghrouni shows you how to make it simply.


Kumihimo is a Japanese form of braiding, making ropes and ribbons. Michelle Winteregg and Julia Saghrouni will introduce you to this technique.

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Valmy Debot and his companions will present the disciplines of TAKEDA BUDO NAKAMURA HA first on the stage of the aula on Saturday and during a conference on Sunday. Here's what you'll see: Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Jukenpo and Kendo. TakedaBudo.com


A drawing contest with great prizes will be organized during the convention come show your talents!

Cosplay is a practice of playing the role of his favorite characters (manga heroes, Japanese animations, movies, or video games). Two competitions are planned, solo and group. No international selection this year however, there will be for the first 2 categories in the solo contest: challenger and veterans!

Thanks to our partner Crunchyroll, we can offer you several series during the convention. Here is a short description of these:

In a world ruled by magic, Yuno and Asta grew up together with one goal in mind: to become the next Mage-Emperor of the Clover Kingdom. But if the first is naturally talented, the second does not know how to handle the magic.

black clover 1110527 1280x0


Nitta Yoshifumi is a young yakuza who manages his business with rigor in the sector he occupies. But one day Hina arrives, a girl with telekinetic powers. She forces Nitta to welcome him home, thus ending his quiet and well-honed life, because if the powers of Hina are sometimes useful to Nitta, it also tends to lose control.


©2018 Masao Ohtake,KADOKAWA/Hinamatsuri PARTNERS

Mini-series of 3 minutes: In 1555, while the provinces are engaged in infighting, a man is carried by a dream a little crazy: to unify Japan by force. His name: Oda Nobunaga.

Admiring the goal he has set for himself, a young ninja apprentice, Chidori, dreams to assist the one who will become Japan's most famous warlord ...

© TV Tokyo – recommended for children!

Our world is under the continual threat of supernatural creatures called Aradama. Only the Toji, priestesses of the sword, can repel them. For this purpose they include a special police brigade.

The government has created five schools that train future priestesses. These girls are already putting their knowledge into practice to protect the population, but what drives them is the big tournament planned for next spring that will designate the best of them ...


©2018 Gokaden Keikaku/Toji No Miko Project Partners

Urashima Island is a small paradise located far from the coast. But this dream place also contains secrets. Inhabited for several generations by three families, the place is a prisoner of a dark past and traditions that today threaten its existence.


© 2015 Frontwing/PROTOTYPE/ISLAND Production Committee

Chise Hatori is 15 years old. She has no family, no particular love, no hope in life. One day, she is sold to a sorcerer, a non-human whose existence goes back to the dawn of time ... He takes her under her wing to make her her disciple and announces that in the long run, she will become his wife. Then, the time that seemed forever frozen in his heart start spinning again, little by little ...


©2017 Koré Yamazaki/MAG Garden·Mahoyome Partners

The La Bulle bookshop in Sion and its new management will offer you a Manga-Café space. It will serve as both a place of relaxation and manga sales.

As with each edition, cosplay contests will be organized during the convention: one in solo and the other in groups. There will be no international selections this year but there will be two categories in the solo contest: a challenger for beginners and a veteran for the more experienced.