The Juusan team wishes you a great Christmas Eve and a very happy new year 2019! Thank you to everyone who helped us all year long.

They are online ! Find photos and videos of the latest edition of Destination Tokyo in the pages provided.

Hello, we must announce that De-To jumps again a year: the 6th edition is scheduled for 2020. Sorry for the wait but it is necessary.

No worries: other activities will obviously be offered between two! You can find all info on in due time.

We are recovering nicely from this weekend but we would like to say a big thank you to the volunteers who stayed with us until the end and who helped us during the convention! Without you, we could not move forward !! We lost feathers and visitors (only 900 this year) but we will recover!

Thank you to the speakers who came to host the convention, the exhibitors for presenting products of choice, the associations for having entertained the visitors and the partners who support us.

Thanks also to our cosplay guests Shiroku Ardent and Sayuri.

Thanks again to Caroline Combes and Pascale for making the trip, it was an honor and for a first time, people really appreciated!

We will keep you informed for the future :-)

Remember that on Friday night you will be entitled to the screening of the movie "The Kingdom of Cats"! Appointment on site from 19h.

If you have not done so already, please update / download our smartphone app! It will allow you to participate in votes during contests and will give you all the informations about the convention.



The pages of De-To V are filled, go see what we reserve for you this year!

We are less than two weeks from the convention and it would be high time to unveil our last guest! namely the talented Sayuri who comes straight from Austria!

She will be part of the cosplay jury for our costumers apprentices and will give a workshop on armor not to miss on the day of the convention!

sayuri annonce

Our second dubbing guest is none other than Pascale Chemin! She lends her voice to a multitude of characters from animes and series very known.
To name but a few: Kyubey in Puella magi Magika Madoka, Excel in Excel Saga, Chloe in BLACK or Shepard (woman) in Mass Effect.

Come meet her at Destination Tokyo Season 5 on the weekend of October 20-21, 2018! :D She will hold a conference and will be available for dedication sessions!

annonce pascal chemin

Here is our beautiful poster for this 5th edition! We thank our President for drawing it :-) Thanks to our various partners for their support.

affichedetoVb tn

We announce the arrival of our second guest, from England: Ardent Cosplay! Specializing in propsmaking, this cosplayer favors series and film costumes, and will share his knowledge during conferences and workshops.

It is also he who will inspect your costumes during the cosplay contest of our convention, this year! : D
To meet him: meet at Destination Tokyo on 20-21 October 2018 !


You can now register for our great cosplay contest! Go to our special pages for all the info.

Have you been told? This year there will be a great novelty! That is the opening of the rooms on the second floor! We try little by little to make you discover other places in the college!

We warn you already of our first indoor activity that joins the rest: The Karaoke !! It was understood that in the aula last year, it was fire and impossible to stop: We heard you 😉

De-To organizes its own Karaoke that will be open on almost the entire show! Hoping that this new activity will delight you.

Today we unveil our first dubbing guest ! This is Caroline Combes who lends his voice to a multitude of characters from anime and series very well known ! To name but a few: Yuffie of Final Fantasy, Jibril of No Game No Life, Mina of my Hero Academia, Madoka in Puella magi Madoka magika and so many others !

Come meet her at Destination Tokyo Season 5 on the weekend of October 20-21, 2018! : D

She will hold a conference and will be available for dedication sessions!


For the first time, VIP packs will be available at De-To! They will allow you to get exclusive benefits and goodies with visuals of your favorite convention! Fill out the form below to reserve your. >>>